You Can Beat Panic! (Without Having to See a Therapist)

Posted On Mar 14, 2022 |

Panic attacks, although terrifying, are very treatable, but only if you understand the basics!

If you want to beat panic attacks (and I'm guessing that you do!), I've got a gameplan for you. Follow these steps exactly, and what you'll see is that your frequency, duration, and severity of your panic attacks will drop precipitously. The gameplan is as follows: 

1. Understand the concept of allostatic load (or, how chronic
stress builds up in our bodies). Educate yourself on this!

2. Work to identify both internal (thoughts, feelings, images) and
external (events, times of day, people) triggers for severe anxiety.

3. Build a set of contingent (short-term) coping methods
(breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, cognitive
adjustments) that you can turn to in high-stress moments

4. Work relentlessly on preventative (long-term) active coping
methods such as yoga, exercise, mindfulness, and hobbies.

I've filmed a YouTube video that flushes out these steps for you, and you can view it here: 

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