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I'm Dr. Leif Smith, and I've helped thousands of  people, from all walks of life, overcome obstacles and perform better.

I help athletes get more out of their physical training and perform better on a more consistent basis.

I coach entrepreneurs and business people to improve their on-the-job effectiveness and make a bigger impact. 

And I help individuals from all walks of life identify and overcome stress and self-defeating behaviors so they can live happier, healthier lives

Sports Psychology Services for Athletes

Take your mental game to the next level and maximize your physical training with 1-on-1 sessions

Executive Coaching & Mentoring Services

Build the skillset and systems you need to supercharge your corporate career

Individual Therapy & Coaching Services

Build the coping skills to overcome anxiety, depression, and other stress-related issues with 1-on-1 sessions

About Dr. Leif Smith

Leif is trained as a clinical psychologist, and did his post-doctoral fellowship in Applied Sports Psychology at The Ohio State University Sports Medicine Center. He has worked with thousands of individuals, teams, and groups to improve performance, including The Ohio State University Department of Athletics and The Columbus Blue Jackets. He is also the co-author of Sports Psychology for Dummies, published by John Wiley & Co.

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"Leif is a superb coach and consultant...his assistance is targeted, persuasive, and rapid."

Alan Weiss, Ph.D
The Million Dollar Consultant®

"Leif's book needs to be on every coach's desk and in every player's locker." 

Jim Tressel
Youngstown State University

"I've always considered Leif another coach on the sidelines"

Joe Breschi
Head Coach
UNC Men's Lacrosse
2016 National Champions