Sports Psychology Consultation
At Personal Best Consulting, we¬†have¬†counseled individual athletes as well as entire teams. We have also counseled coaches, turning them into more effective leaders.¬†Sports psychology counseling with Personal Best Consulting¬†has increased athlete performance,¬†improved coaching skills across various¬†types of sports and even increased academic performance! Sports psychology services can focus on the individual athlete, the entire team or on coaches¬†– improving mental ‘toughness’ and increasing productivity. After reading through the sports psychology areas below, contact us today to discuss how sports psychology services can help your athletic performance.

Collegiate Athletic Departments

Typical Results

  • Improved quality of care for student-athletes. No more delays in service for getting athletes the counseling they require and deserve
  • Streamlined communication between sports medicine and your athletic department means better responsiveness to student-athlete needs and less
  • Reduced student-athlete attrition rates. We will help you keep your athletes in the classroom and on the field.
  • Enhanced educational programs on topics such as relationships, communication, life balance, and other topics designed to fit the needs of busy coaches, sports medicine staff, and student-athletes
  • Effective drug counseling and rehabilitation programs mean you can take care of your student-athletes in-house
  • Team sport psychology service offerings allow your coaches to tailor our services to their own program needs to help their athletes become more focused, more mentally tough, and better competitors. No more “one size fits all” generic offerings!

Team Sport Psychology

Typical Results

  • improved team cohesion
  • enhanced leadership within team and captains
  • quicker starts to games and stronger finishes
  • better team mental toughness
  • more effective use of practice time
  • improved competitiveness in tough or close games
Team Sport Psychology services are usually contracted on a seasonal basis. Fees are determined by amount of value desired (i.e., do you want basic team building or do you desire more thorough and comprehensive services?) and other factors, such as distance (how often do you want us to meet?) and time. A single contract fee is quoted up front so as to avoid confusion and anxieties about hourly billing, etc.

Dr. Leif Smith did an amazing job working with our high school wrestlers. He was able to instantly grab their attention and respect. Dr. Smith was able to get our athletes to open up and talk about issues such as fear of failure, and dealing with high pressure situations. Dr. Smith was available to our kids all season, he worked with our kids in the practice room, at competitions, and over the phone. He got our athletes to believe in their training and their abilities.

Todd Haverdill | Head Wrestling Coach, Brecksville High School, Ohio

The most important element of Leif’s work is that he develops individual and group responsibility. He focuses on self-improvement and personal initiative to bring out the best in the groups and individuals he works with. He is one of the most talented people that I have been fortunate enough to work with. Personal Best Consulting has certainly made a big difference in our women’s tennis program at The Ohio State University.

Charles E. Merzbacher, Jr. | Head Coach, Women’s Tennis, The Ohio State University

Success is achieved in any activity when a person is at their best physically, mentally and emotionally. Leif Smith and PBC understand the interplay of these parts and can help athletes and others find that zone in which great performances result.

Dr. John Lombardo | President, MAX Sports

I consider Leif another coach on the sidelines, with his commitment to excellence and his genuine concern for the student athletes well being.

Coach Joe Breschi | Ohio State University Men’s Lacrosse

Leif’s work with our Women’s Lacrosse Team was invaluable this year. His approaches to developing mental toughness and team unity were both creative and extremely effective. With weekly phone meetings, Leif continued to offer support and ideas to me and my team throughout our championship season. I look forward to working with Leif again next year and hopefully every year after that!

Alison Share | Head Women’s Lacrosse Coach, College of Wooster

Coaching Consultation

Typical Results

  • better strategic planning on season-by-season basis for your program
  • gain perspective and reduce stress in a high-stress profession
  • improve your ability to motivate players long-term rather than short-term
  • make better personnel decisions, on and off the field
  • more effective use of practice time
  • learn the secrets to surrounding yourself with top-notch coaches
  • improve your ability to recruit and retain best-fit athletes for your program
  • learn solid, proven methods for better revenue raising within your program
The Coaching Consultation Program is an intensive, six month program that allows coaches of all experience levels and expertise levels to gain a dramatic competitive advantage through one-on-one work with an expert in the process of coaching. This work begins with an initial consultation, where we will review your individual goals and suitability for the program. If it is determined that you are an appropriate candidate for this program, we will then collaborate and review every aspect of your coaching regimen, making immediate and dramatic changes that allow you to become a more effective coach and leader of athletes. This work can be done in-person, via email, and via phone, depending on mutual availability, and you are allowed unlimited contact during our six months together. All calls are returned within twenty-four hours, and all emails are returned within a half-day. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

We have been delighted with the work of Leif Smith and Personal Best Consulting…He has been very helpful to the Buckeyes. I hope he will be part of our programs for years to come. Leif is always willing to listen to my needs/concerns and provide positive and practical solutions to my problems…I‚Äôve been able to elevate my own career, communicate more effectively with my staff and become more efficient with my time.

Andy Geiger | Director of Athletics, Ohio State University

Working with Leif Smith and Personal Best Consulting … not only changed my last year but changed my life. He has taught me that nothing is impossible if you are truly dedicated to achieving your goals…With Dr. Smith‚Äôs philosophy my team has become united…stronger and more confident than ever.

Sadhaf Pervez | Assistant Coach, University of Nebraska, Women’s Tennis

It is no coincidence that the only championship season in the thirty-year history of our hockey program had Leif Smith & PBC on board. His dynamic, optimistic, and enthusiastic way caught fire in both the athletes and coaching staff. His winning attitude was infectious and clearly showed what a strong presence he exuberates to those around him. I only wish I was able to box-up his many talents for sport psychology, motivation and inspiration and take them with me everywhere I go to coach.

Erin Eusner | Field Hockey Coach, Marlborough College, Wiltshire, England

With his professional approach, Leif helps the players and coaches find success not only on the field, but also in the classroom and in life. Personally, I have learned more about myself working with Leif in the last two years than I have in almost ten years of coaching.

Michael Scerbo | Head Coach, Women’s Lacrosse, Duquesne University

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