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Leif H. Smith, Psy.D,
Personal Best Consulting
About Dr. Leif H. Smith

Dr. Leif Smith helps people be better, do better, and live better. Whether you are a high-level athlete, a stressed-out parent, a coach, or just someone looking to improve some area of your life, Dr. Leif Smith can help you get there-FASTER. 

Leif is trained as a clinical psychologist, and did his post-doctoral fellowship at The Ohio State University Sports Medicine Center. He has worked with thousands of individuals, teams, and groups to improve performance. 

Get the Edge! Sports Psychology for Dummies
"Wow!! What a comprehensive manual for coaches and athletes...Every encounter that awaits the coach and player is addressed. This book needs to be on every coach’s desk and in every player’s locker."

Jim Tressel 
Youngstown State University
Former head coach, The Ohio State University Football

"Leif is a superb coach and consultant... his assistance is targeted, persuasive, and rapid."

Alan Weiss, Ph.D
“The Million Dollar Consultant”®, President, Summit Consulting Group, Inc.
"I’ve always considered Leif another coach on the sidelines..."
Joe Breschi
Head Coach
UNC Lacrosse
2016 National Champions
"Leif was instrumental in starting my new practice. He helps to make it simple."
Tim Herzog, EdD, LCPC, CC-AASP
Unbreakable U
My new video series, Unbreakable U, is out. Being Unbreakable means being:


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