Management Consulting Services
We offer specific programs geared toward those in executive positions. Our Leadership Development Programs and our Executive Coaching Programs improve creativity, communication skills and overall business results, while our Management Consultation and Recruiting and Retention Programs reduce hiring costs, help clarify company visions and improve customer service results. After scrolling through the list below, contact us today for more information about any of these programs.

Leadership Development

Typical Results

  • improved interpersonal and communication skills among managerial and executive positions
  • decreased expenditures related to training, recruitment, and retention of key managerial and executive candidates
  • increased on-the-job effectiveness across job measures for key employees
  • improved creativity and on-the-job innovation among executives

Executive Coaching

Typical Results

  • increased awareness and clarity regarding obstacles and impediments to growth
  • decreased conflict and interpersonal stress
  • improved confidence and professional effectiveness
  • enhanced time management skills
  • increased professional productivity
  • better perspective and balance between stress and productivity
  • improved communication skills
  • enhanced critical thinking abilities
Leif’s unique insights and training/coaching techniques are by far some of the best I’ve seen from his field. Leif is always willing to listen to my needs/concerns and provide positive and practical solutions to my problems…I’ve been able to elevate my own career, communicate more effectively with my staff and become more efficient with my time.

Andrew Feast | Director, Special Events, American Lung Association National Headquarters

Management Consultation

Typical Results

  • improved clarity of corporate vision and raison d’etre
  • enhanced tactical implementation towards that vision
  • reduced time-to-market with new products or services
  • increased innovation and corporate creativity
  • alignment of corporate vision with day-to-day planning
  • improved customer service offerings
  • improved sales staff productivity

Personal Best Consulting provided me with the coaching to improve my professional ability. After twenty-eight years in the non-profit business and twenty-three as a CEO, I engaged a company that refreshed and enhanced my performance and allowed me to grow as a professional.

Larry A. McAllister | McAllister Consulting, Inc.

As a start-up business, we were able to reach a certain level of success before we hit a plateau. Leif gave us the tools and systems we needed to reach the next level and beyond! These principles can help your business (and your life) to run smoothly and efficiently.

Dr. Scott T. Voorhies | President, Voorhies Family Chiropractic Clinic, Powell, Ohio

Recruiting and Retention

Typical Results

  • reduced costs associated with recruitment and retention of key positions
  • fewer “false positives” with regards to hiring practices
  • improved employee satisfaction
  • decreased attrition and turnover
  • enhanced employee loyalty and buy-in

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