Dr. Leif Smith
Clinical Psychologist
Are you ready to make some changes but need help along the way? 
Private Client Roster

My private client roster is a space-limited roster for individuals seeking either counseling or therapy for mental health issues, or for those individuals who would like 1-on-1 sport psychology services. 

For counseling clients, typical presenting issues include:

Relationship Issues
Grief and Loss
Stress Management
Sexuality issues
Eating Disorders

For 1-on-1 sport psychology clients, typical presenting issues include:

Performance anxiety
Confidence issues
Relaxation training
Balancing sport & life

Feel free to call today to schedule a confidential 1-on-1 office appointment. From there, I will help you devise a plan, which will include expected costs and number of visits. 

To protect your rights and privacy as a client, and because I work with many high-profile individuals, I am not associated directly with any insurance plans. This means I am out-of-network on all plans. However, I will be happy to provide you with the documentation you need for possible partial reimbursement from your insurance plan. 

My office is located at: 

5900 Sawmill Road, Suite 240 
Dublin, Ohio, 43017 

To schedule an appointment, please call 614-598-4539 or email me at Leif@personalbestconsulting.com

For emergencies, please call your local hospital or 24-hour emergency care provider. 

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Leif H. Smith, Psy.D
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